NEED RV Appliance Repair

We are Certified in RV Appliance Repair. RV Tech Repair can also install most every type of RV Appliance on most any type of RV.

RV Appliances Diagnostics and Repair

RV Tech Repair can Repair, Replace, Perform Maintenance, and install most all types of RV Appliances in all different types of Recreational Vehicles.


We cover all types of RV refrigerators from Absorption to Compressor Refrigerators including: Propane/Electric, 12-Volt/Electric, and Mini-Fridge (Mini-Refrigerator).

Air Conditioning and Furnaces

Is your RV heating or cooling on the fritz? We can help with your RV A/C! We can help with your RV's furnace and Air Conditioning Units. Whether Electric or Propane we got you covered.

RV Kitchens

What is an RV without a working kitchen? Don't let your RV Stovetop, Convectional Oven, or Microwave get ignored! Let us Repair, Maintain, or Install a new RV cooking area for you!

Washers and Dryers

Washers and Dryers are a plus to keep that RV smelling fresh, don't let that RV washer or dryer have issues. Let us do routine maintenance to keep your RV's washer and dryer up to par.

RV Dishwasher

The pained job of cleaning the dishes. Say no more we can fix your existing dishwasher or install a new dishwasher in your RV. Make dishwashing a breeze!

RV Appliances

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